World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and I have seen many statistics proving its worth. Proving that suicide is prevalent in Canada and the average person should be concerned about it. I am asking for each of you to do something completely self-centred for prevention. Whether you have thought about suicide in the past, are currently thinking about suicide, or may potentially think about suicide in the future (aka you are a human being), create your own plan for what you might do to PREVENT yourself from acting on these thoughts.

Creating our own individual plan is so important when it comes to mental health issues. There is no one solid plan of what to do when you are struggling. There is no online list of the “15 Things You Should Do When Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts” that fits each and every one of us. That is why we each need out own plan that we need to design ourselves. Professionals can be helpful for suggestions about what could be on the list, but it is up to you to determine which best suits you.

Now there are generally speaking two types of suicidal thoughts. These are active or passive. Most of us who have experienced them know the difference of how they feel. Active suicidal thoughts are when we have come up with a fairly immediate plan and are thinking of acting on that plan. Passive suicidal thoughts are more so when we start to consider suicide as a real option. They are the ones when we feel like dying might be or is the most beneficial option in our situation. Both of these types take very different plans.

Working on our own plan gives us the opportunity to think about ourselves and learn more about how we feel and what helps our mood. Self-discovery and self-reflection can be difficult, but lead to a much greater knowledge of ourselves and how to help ourselves. I have attached my own plan at the end of this for a vague idea of what it may look like. What works for me may not work for you. Keep trying new healthy coping strategies until you find your own Prevention Plan.

Active Suicidal Thoughts

-call my specific supports (listed in a private plan)

-attend the ER

-call my local crisis line or 911

Passive Suicidal Thoughts

-distractions techniques (focus on something else such as boxing techniques)

-being at the gym

-being around positive people


-take time off

-be in nature