Using Your Emotions

Emotions are scary. We constantly feel the need to avoid them in order to seem “strong”. What we forget about is how powerful our emotions can be. Not only do they allow us to truly feel and live, they can be channelled into something more. Emotions do not have to have a negative result. Managing them properly provides us with a more positive result. Emotions can become a powerful driving force in our lives. We just need to be aware of if we are letting our emotions do the steering. If we can choose what direction to give them, we can use that drive in very positive ways.

My trainer has been telling me for months to go to my “deep dark place” when attempting larger lifts. For the longest time, I had a lot of difficulty with this. I was trying to avoid my anger as I was afraid of going back to being a very angry person. Recently I have been experiencing a lot of stress which has been causing me to be quite angry in my day to day life. This is when I decided to start channelling my anger. I was used to boxing to get rid of my anger, but I never used it to improve my workout. It took me a couple of tries to really start to use it to my advantage, but once I did I felt completely different. I was able to take my anger and turn it into something positive. Instead of pretending that I was feeling fine, I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling. Emotions can lead to negative consequences if we allow them to control us. If we are able to direct our emotions, we can then experience positive consequences. It is not about avoiding our emotions, it is about channelling them.