Finding Purpose

I am lucky that my family has such a positive outlook on what to do with the rest of your life. Growing up, I was taught that it did not matter what you wanted to be, as long as you were the best you possibly could be. Over the years, I went through many different options of what job I wanted when I grew up. Some of these included a fashion designer, politician, retail manager, hair dresser, anthropologist, and more.

What I chose to focus on was whatever excited me. I only took courses that interested me. I only read books that drew me in. I kept allowing my future goals to be fluid enough that I could simply follow wherever my interests laid. We always have this desire to know where we are meant to end up. Often, we allow external forces to determine it for us. When looking for our purpose, we should always chase what excites us and see where it leads.

If something no longer excites you or makes you happy, move on. We should never settle for a life that has no purpose. Over the years our purpose may change, but it does not matter what your purpose is. All that matters is that you have one and that it invokes passion within you.

Purpose also helps my mental health because it keeps moving forward. And I need to be well in order to keep moving forward. If I do not have something that I am working towards, it is so much easier for me to ignore my wellness. I know that to do what I love I need to be mentally healthy. When I do not have a purpose, I allow myself to become lost and my mental wellbeing becomes a lower priority. During the times that my symptoms become more apparent, I use my purpose to not allow them to take control.

It does not matter what your purpose is as long as your purpose drives you to be the best possible you.