A great read for everyone as everyone has mental health!- After taking a while to think about what I wanted to write, I came to realize that it is hard to find the right words that would do Christine’s book justice. This book was written very well and was really easy to follow along with. I commend Christine for having the courage to speak about her own personal and professional experiences with mental health. To write a book at the age of 23 is an amazing accomplishment and to have the courage to speak openly about one’s experience with mental health is very brave. Christine’s book provides great insight on positive thinking and really taking the time to allow ourselves to process our emotions and deal with our emotions rather than pushing them aside. There have been many moments in my life where I have thought back to something that I read out of Christine’s book. For example, her book has reminded me to be kind to others and that simple gestures can make a big difference in the lives of others. I have also been able to pick up on my own negative thinking patterns and change these negative thoughts into positive ways of thinking. I hope that by reading Christine’s book, other people will start to feel more comfortable speaking about their own experience with mental health. I would highly recommend Christine’s book to others as it is a great read.
Ashley Lehman

A Pure Voice- "Realistically, the world isn't going to change unless we tell it to."...some of Christine's closing words in her book. These are pivotal words, spoken through a pure voice of experience and honesty. The world changes person by person as we learn from one another; this book teaches us that we must learn to look respectfully and love deeply at all times. Thanks for sharing your story Christine and for having the faith to put it out there to change the world."
Eric Bolton

"Firstly, I want to say that it was incredibly well written. It was very easy to read despite some of the content being very difficult for me to digest (because of my emotional attachment) but everything flowed smoothly and it was immensely informative. I honestly learned so much from your book. Not just about you but about so many things, like how having bipolar disorder affects relationships for example. Chapter six was shockingly relatable to me. About how suicidal thoughts become a normal aspect of day to day life and having them doesn’t cause any emotional reaction anymore. I’ve never talked to anyone at all about mine but seeing how eerily similar some of your descriptions were to what I’ve thought about was comforting in a weird way (I guess just knowing that it’s not just me who thinks about things like this regularly). I realized years ago that would never act on my thoughts because I couldn’t do that to my Mom so I started thinking of ways that I could do it and make it look like it wasn’t a suicide so that she wouldn’t blame herself after I was gone. When I realized that there was no way I could think of to be sure that it wouldn’t be found out as suicide after I was gone I just started hoping for some random thing to happen like being struck by lightning or a car running a red and smashing me etc. You did an amazing job on this book and you are the strongest, most courageous person I know."

"I was moved by Christine’s lecture, and she engaged the crowd in almost 2 hours of Q and A regarding mental health and wellness. For those of you who were unable to attend, I highly encourage you to think about buying Christine’s book- she blends a use of self and astounding bravery in sharing her personal and professional expertise with readers.  To write such a moving and inspiring book threaded with tones of hope and profound wisdom at the age of 23 is outrageous (in a good way)."
Jordan Thomas

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