Veering Off Course

With everything that I have been working on lately, I started to forget about what is most important; my wellness. I recently experienced a manic episode. during Instead of recognizing this at the start, as I usually would, I let the mania take over. I allowed myself to feel the rush of emotions. I allowed myself to use the energy and keep pushing forward.
Now as I feel myself crashing, I find myself looking back and recognizing all of the signs. I find myself wishing that I would have recognized what was going on. I was not able to do so because I was not checking in with myself. I stopped doing my self-reflection throughout the day. 
I cannot go back and prevent myself from managing my symptoms so poorly. I have to try to not feel guilty about it, or my depression will only become worse. I can only work on managing my depression better. I will allow myself to feel my emotions, but I will not allow my emotions to control me. Moving forward, I will me making my wellness a priority. As busy as I may get, I need to remember that I can only accomplish what I want to accomplish if I am well.