A lot of people have a hard time seeing the positive side of mental illness, especially those who have never struggled. For many of us who have come out the other side, we know that there are positive aspects. I do not think that I am quite at the point that I am thankful for everything that I have gone through, but I am at peace with it. There are positives and negatives in everything, and I choose to focus on the positives.

One of the greatest qualities that come from dealing with mental health issues is resilience. It is the ability to bounce back whenever life knocks you down. It is the ability to come across impossible situations and somehow make it through. It is the ability to conquer all of life’s struggles.

One of the reasons we find resilience when having gone through life’s challenges is simply believing that we can make it through. Because we have faced near defeat, we know that we can end up on top. There are times that I feel completely hopeless. Within these thoughts of hopelessness, I remember that I have been here before and made it through.

Another reason we find resilience is that we know how we made it through the last time. When I get stuck in that hopeless place, I not only remember that I made it through the last time but I remember how. I remember that I need to surround myself with positive people. I know that I need to ask for patience and hugs to make it through.

Things happen. Life happens. Thinks will go wrong. Life will feel wrong. I refuse to promise myself that I will never struggle again. I know that I will. I know that I struggled within the last month. I know that tomorrow could be a new battle. But I also know that I can take it all in stride.